Edition and Transformation of an Attic

About this Project

This work is rich in details,  we made an additional part of the attic to make two more bedrooms and an office, all with nice finish, solid wood slide door closet doors, lowered lights, all windows were replaced with new ones modern tile hot hidro tub, double vanety, wood finish ype hardwood floor, modern lights, change of windows, aged slim brick on wall, stairs with wood details and recessed lights.

  • windows 
  • door 
  • Electric 
  • Install hardwood floor 
  • Plaster 
  • Painting
  • Install slim brick 
  • Install closet  barn door 
  • Electric floor heating installation 
  • Install barn wood accent shelves 
  • Mosaic tile 
  • Hot hidro tub 
  • double vanity

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